Air freight

Despite the fact it is not the most economical, it’s the most common mean oftransport for urgent shipments.

Mega Online Logistics is a certified IATA Cargo Agent. Our air freight team is trained to handle and manage air shipments in a professional and efficient way.

We understand that if something is sent by air, it is because its urgent. We handle air shipments with the required responsiveness and speed to provide the best service to the shipper and consignee.

We pick-up, deliver at the airport, undergo Customs processes and ship the
products of our customers on the same day. We can ship any kind of merchandise to any major destination or even more uncommon ones in just matter of a couple
of days.

We can also coordinate shipments on cargo aircrafts in case it is required due to
the size of the cargo or due to IATA regulations on dangerous goods transport. For
our project department, we also handle charter flights. Our professional team specialized in air freight need only to know the requirements of any shipment to
look for the best and most favourable alternative for this kind of freight.

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