Project cargo

Mega Online Logistics is the solution when the shipment to be handled has extraordinary dimensions, weight, or both for any kind of goods or products, and no matter what the origin or destination is. Our Project Cargo department is composed of a highly qualified and exclusive team to quote and handle the special cargo shipments.

During our more than 20 years of combined experienced in special cargo and projects shipping, our team has worked closely and in-situ different sector shipping projects in different areas. Among these, there are hydroelectric, wind energy, and railroad construction projects, as well as complete factory shipping and very specific projects as the installation of laboratories.

We also coordinate and handle the dismounting of complete factories for its later transport in containers or as bulk cargo and its mounting on a new location.

In most cases we deliver a door-to-door service giving a proper tracking until the arrival to the cargo destination and keeping all parties involved constantly informed about the status of the shipment