Successful Shipment of Oversized Bulk Cargo

During the last few weeks, Mega Online Logistics completed the shipment of the first phase of a hydroelectrical project to Guatemala.

During the last weeks, Mega Online coordinated the shipment of a group of oversized equipment from the shipper's factory in Spain, to the building site of a hydroelectrical project, next to Cahabón River in Guatemala.

The project involved the land transport in origin, coordination of special loading at both origin and destination ports, sea transport of non-containerized cargo, and the coordination in Guatemala of transport and support services necessary to guarantee the security and integrity of the shipment.

Difficult paths? Not for us!

The shipment's final destination was next to Cahabón River, located at the bottom of a canyon in the Guatemalan tropical jungle. The route included 334 km of paved road from Santo Tomás de Castilla on the Atlantic to San Pedro Carchá, Alta Verapaz and over 20 km of unpaved road in harsh conditions. The last couple of hundreds of meters had slopes of over 20% that made mandatory the use of tractors and support equipment necessary for the cargo to arrive to its final point in the best possible conditions.

With patience and an appropriate support equipment, there is no geography that is an obstacle.