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What is a groupage?,,es,Groupage is a method used in the export and import of goods that aims to transport the cargo of several companies at the same time. A very common system in any type of merchandise, be it by road, air, sea or rail.,,es,Sometimes some companies use the term "consolidated" to refer to it as it consists of consolidating or grouping small shipments of merchandise from different companies but having a similar destination until completing the container or trailer.,,es

El grupaje es un método empleado en la exportación e importación de mercancías que tiene como objetivo transportar la carga de varias empresas a la vez. Un sistema muy común en cualquier tipo de mercancías, tanto sea por carretera, aéreo, como marítimo o ferroviario.

En ocasiones algunas empresas usan el término “consolidado” para referirse a él ya que consiste en consolidar o agrupar pequeños envíos de mercancías de diferentes empresas pero que tengan un destino similar hasta completar el contenedor o tráiler.

Obviously groupage offers interesting advantages for the client. One of them is the cost savings since companies can send small quantities without having to contract a whole container for the realization of such shipment. This fact is sometimes not profitable for small and medium enterprises.,,es,It is also a method that helps exports of companies, especially at the beginning of them. These high costs of containers can throw back many companies that are starting, can save costs thanks to groupage and therefore, join these actions and their goods can reach destinations further away.,,es

También es un método que ayuda a las exportaciones de las empresas, sobre todo al inicio de las mismas. Esos altos costes de los contenedores pueden echar para atrás a muchas empresas que están empezando, pudiendo ahorrar costes gracias a los grupajes y por ende, sumarse a estas acciones y que sus mercancías puedan llegar a destinos más alejados.

Another advantage of groupage is punctuality, especially in terms of land transport. There are transport companies that already have fixed routes, making it easier for the company to move their merchandise anywhere in the continent in a few days - as much as two or even three. And agree with the intermediary or client the arrival of the merchandise in an agreed day and time.,es

When hiring a groupage it is necessary to know what transport will be needed. The most usual thing is that for trips of up to three days the land transport is used. While for longer periods, opt for shipping. And for urgent shipments will always be the option of air. It is also important to take into account the type of merchandise and, based on that, adapt the delivery times for the final customer.,es

For example, groupage is especially interesting when merchandise occupies little volume but has a high cost, such as the import of consumer electronics such as tablets, smartphones ... transport companies must be registered as international carriers to carry out actions of groups.,,es,What is a groupage or consolidated in the transport,,es