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What is an incoterm FCA free Carrier?

When we talk about incoterm FCA o Free Carrierwe refer to the delivery of the goods for export from the seller to the carrier chosen by the buyer, at a given location. A space is important because it determines the different obligations of loading and unloading of the goods.

One incoterm FCA, which in Spanish translates as Franco Transportista, works with different carriers whether they are shipping companies, airlines or forwarders and in their management the cost of the cargo will always depend on the physical location where it is located. That is, if the delivery is made in the seller's premises, this is the one who assumes the cost of the load, and if it is done in any other place, the seller will be responsible.,,es,Obligations of the seller in an FCA incoterm,,es,Provide the merchandise and the commercial invoice.,,es,It will be responsible for obtaining licenses, authorizations and the like.,,es,Dispatch the merchandise export.,,es,Assume problems of loss or damage until the delivery of the goods.,,es

Obligations of the seller in an FCA incoterm

  • Provide the goods and the commercial invoice.
  • You will be responsible for licensing, authorizations and the like.
  • Dispatch of export goods.
  • Take problems of loss or damage to the delivery of the goods.
  • Pay for different goods until their delivery, this includes export clearance and other required expenses in this regard.
  • Help the buyer the necessary help to get the transport document (B/L or similar) or equivalent electronic message.
  • The delivery of the merchandise to the agent carrier at a particular place provided the goods has been loaded in means of transport provided by the carrier if the agreed place are the seller's own facilities. And if the location is different, the merchandise is placed in the means of transport from the seller if be downloaded. If there is a prior agreement, the seller can choose whoever.

Obligations of the buyer in an FCA incoterm

  • Pay the price of the goods as so provided in the contract.
  • Dispatch from importing goods, pay taxes and respective rights and obtain the licenses and the like are needed.
  • Be responsible for the transportation of the goods from the agreed place of delivery and the costs from that point.
  • Take delivery of the goods.
  • Cover damage and loss from delivery by the seller.