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What is the Intrastat?,,es,It is a regulation that aims to obtain certain data to be able to elaborate the statistics related to the exchanges of goods between the different member states of the European Union.,,es,Through the,,es,Intrastat system,,bg,These exchanges of goods are registered, or what is the same, goods that circulate from one member state to another (never exchange of services, only goods). In the case of Spain. INTRASTAT also collects all the goods that circulate between Spain as a statistical territory and another statistical territory that is a member of the European Community.,,es

Se trata de una normativa que tiene como finalidad el obtener ciertos datos para poder elaborar la estadística relativa a los intercambios de bienes entre los diferentes estados miembros de la Unión Europea.

A través del sistema Intrastat se registran estos intercambios de bienes, o lo que es lo mismo las mercancías que circulan de un estado miembro a otro (nunca intercambio de servicios, solo bienes). En el caso de España. INTRASTAT recoge además todas las mercancías que circulan entre España como territorio estadístico y otro territorio estadístico miembro de la Comunidad Europea.

The INTRASTAT model accommodates several cases that are worth differentiating. On the one hand, all the goods that circulate through EU countries cross external borders. Those goods characteristic of a commercial transaction and also those that are not like firm purchases and sales or transfers of properties. And community and non-community merchandise.,es

In this case, if you invoice a community country on products that have been manufactured in different countries of the European Union instead of the total invoiced would be declared for the amount of each product, would be reflected both the country of origin of the merchandise, as the country or countries of manufacture of the merchandise.,,es,The INTRASTAT declaration includes a series of fixed data and other variables that will always depend on the model used, being different the number of data required for the detailed statement or form N as and the zero declaration or "without operation" or form O .,,es

La declaración INTRASTAT engloba una serie de datos fijos y otros variables que dependerán siempre del modelo que se emplee, siendo diferente el número de datos que se exigen para la declaración detallada o formulario N como y la declaración cero o “sin operación” o formulario O.

The fixed data is the same data for each declaration, regardless of the number of forms to complete. Data of the header and the declaration signature. While the variable data donate data that take different values ​​in each of the items of order that comprise the statement. They are only available in the form N and are the boxes from 7 to 19.,,es,What is the intrastat declaration and when it is applied - Glossary Megaonline,,es