Who we are?

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The team of Mega Online Logistics Mega Online Logistics Team began operations in 2007 and since then it has had a remarkable path in the freight and international logistics world. From our offices in Barcelona, we coordinate logistics operations to and from every port and airport in Spain and surrounding places.

Since our beginnings, we have focused our efforts on working under quality standards and excellency in customer service that makes us different in the Spanish freight market, our work team is made of the best professionals in freight and logistics.

Through constant training and specialization of our staff, we have a highly motivated team that is completely identified with the company, with what we do, and with our clients and agents all around the World. The result is a high-quality service.

We are a team dedicated to provide our customers with excellence and adapt fully to specific transport needs for each goods of our clients.

We are guided by the following quality values:

RESPONSIVENESS AND ON-TIME INFORMATION FLOW: : Keeping a proactive attitude and dynamism in possible incidences resolution, with a total observance on all details through the daily operations of each shipment and the constant communication with the customer.


With the customer: Following every request, and executing all shipments in an adequate and responsible way.

With our agents: Looking for the best available options and the most competitive costs for the international freight shipments.

With the work team: Collaborating and taking advantage of the individual skills of each member of the team on daily tasks.

With the company: Looking for a constant growth and improvement of our procedures and use of resources.

INNOVATION: Investing in changes to keep updated on information technology and the most modern systems of logistics management.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Being down-to-Earth professionals, keeping in mind that behind each shipment there is people and work teams that, like ourselves, thrive for the best. Keeping the excellent work environment among the whole team.