Project Cargo

With extensive experience, and since our inception in 2007, we have provided our clients with the most varied and ingenious solutions for the transport of special cargo, either by weight, volume or complexity in any of its sections, we have managed to make a place for ourselves in this exclusive market.

We have a department with a lot of experience in this type of transport, which is exclusively dedicated to the quotation and management of shipments of special cargo.

Our projects department has professionals with more than 15 years of experience in this type of shipment and in different sectors such as the hydroelectric and wind industries, transfers of turnkey factories and large-scale machinery.

In most cases we manage a door-to-door service, which begins with a route study, and continues with a meticulous follow-up until arrival at the final destination, keeping both the exporter and importer constantly informed of the status of their shipments.

Some Projects

Made by Mega Online Logistics


Plasser Bulldozer

Transport from Gebze to Madrid
GW: 47 tons
Dimensions: 29.89 x 3.05 x 4.00 mts


 High Speed Train

Transport Bilbao/Jeddah

High Speed Train Detours of 54 meters length


Press to Hamburg

Road Transport from Hamburg to Czech Republic

Press of 72 tons and dimensions 6.00 x 5.50 x 3.00 mts


Ro Ro Cargo and vehicles

We handle also the customs clearance
We handle all types of RO RO cargo, such as trucks, cranes, new/classic cars or collection pieces.


Hydroelectric Plants

Generators and Turbines to Colombia, Guatemala and Panama.

Transport of 6.000cbm in 3 phases including 75 tons pieces


Cement Plant to Panama

Door to Door Service

22 meters Piece


Isotanks and Special Equipment

We count on a wide experience in the field of Isotanks besides Special Equipment such as Flat
Racks, Open Tops, Mafis.


Tailor made packaging and lashing 

We can offer tailor made packaging and lashing services for any kind of cargo: air, road and sea.

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